OFCV Scholar & Event Spotlight: Sara Kamoei & Celebrating Young Leaders Paying it Forward

Sara Kamoei, past OneFuture Coachella Valley scholarship recipient

Sara Kamoei, past OneFuture Coachella Valley scholarship recipient

Meet Sara Kamoei, a four-year OneFuture Coachella Valley scholarship recipient who, along her sisters Bahareh and Bita Kamoei, is making a difference in the Coachella Valley, one high school scholarship recipient at a time.

“Being able to give back to the community that helped us has always been a dream of ours,” shares Kamoei.

Sara, Bahareh and Bita are all graduates from Coachella Valley High School (CVHS) and make up the successful team behind BBS Brokers Realty, a family-owned real estate agency in Palm Desert.

Since creating and awarding their first two $500 scholarships to CVHS seniors in summer 2017, the Kamoei sisters have become committed to making an economic impact to the region and to the lives of Coachella Valley high school students. They are happy to do what they can to give back to students looking to achieve academic success in college.

“My sisters and I always knew we would come back to the desert after earning our degrees from various universities in San Diego,” said Kamoei. “This is just one way to pay it forward.”

Currently, BBS Brokers Realty is hard at work, fundraising for next year’s scholarship recipients. Their goal is to raise a total of $10,000 in scholarships this upcoming year, according to Kamoei. However, in an effort to reach even more deserving students in need, OFCV has partnered with BBS Brokers Realty and is proud to match all funds raised to help support CVHS students.

All in all, BBS Brokers Realty and OFCV hope to award a total of $20,000 in scholarship in 2018 to a handful of motivated CVHS graduates who are pursuing higher education. 

“Working with OneFuture Coachella Valley has been both an inspiring and surreal experience,” shares Kamoei. “After my sisters and I awarded our first scholarships this year, we knew we wanted to increase our funds but we weren't sure how. That's when OneFuture came into the picture and all the dots connected. I am so humbled to be working alongside such an amazing nonprofit organization that has selected us as their first ever alumni match.”

To kick things off this scholarship season, BBS Brokers Realty and OFCV will host Celebrating Young Leaders Paying it Forward at the OFCV offices in Palm Desert on Thursday, November 9, 2017. The inaugural fundraising event invites guests to tour the OneFuture CV facility and learn about ways to help the Kamoei sisters reach their scholarship goals.

“This event demonstrates how the power of giving can come full circle and we hope it encourages others in our community to give back as well,” says Kamoei.

Now, serving as a realtor and the lead for marketing and advertising at BBS Brokers Realty, Kamoei credits her own scholarship experiences with OFCV as a driving force behind her reason to give.

“I will never forget the day I received the phone call informing me I was selected as a scholarship recipient,” she shares. “One of the many benefits of receiving a scholarship from OneFuture Coachella Valley was receiving financial assistance, which I am forever grateful for.”

She also shared her appreciation for the guidance the organization offered to her while she was away at college.

“I had a whole new support system that acted as my second family–always answering any questions I may have had and constantly reaching out to me to make sure I was doing well,” shares Kamoei.

Through it all, Kamoei explains that she never lost sight of what was important to her and her end goals in mind, during her time in college. She always knew she wanted to give back, and is happy to be able to do so now with her sisters. Furthermore, the former OFCV scholar shares that she and her sisters have a responsibility as young leaders in their community, and that they have made a commitment to help the next generation of youth that follow in their footsteps.

Bita, Bahareh and Sara Kamoei of BBS Brokers Realty

Bita, Bahareh and Sara Kamoei of BBS Brokers Realty

She shares that she is very proud of the efforts taking place and wishes future scholars the best as they go on to fulfill their academic aspirations. She also hopes all future scholars continue to strive for the best and never forget where they came from.

“Never forget your roots, our Coachella Valley and the people here who are helping make your dreams possible,” shares Kamoei. “Without knowing where you've come from, it will be a challenge to get to where you are going.”

To RSVP to the Celebrating Young Leaders Paying it Forward event or donate to the cause, click here.