Regional Roadmap to Connectivity Initiative


The Regional Roadmap to Connectivity Project seeks to create a map of Coachella Valley businesses and community organizations offering free WiFi that can be accessed by local students to support their education and workforce pursuits.

All businesses who offer free WiFi to their customers are invited to be listed on the roadmap. The Regional Roadmap to Connectivity is part of an overall initiative of the Connectivity Task Force to assure that all learners (children, young adults, college students, returning adults) across all education systems in the Coachella Valley have access to exceptional broadband internet that serves their needs from anywhere in the valley 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Review the requested services below and complete the form to be listed on our 2022 Regional Roadmap to Connectivity!

Regional Roadmap to Connectivity Partners will be asked to fulfill the following commitments:

  • Agree to welcome Coachella Valley learners to use your free Wi-Fi
  • Provide information about your free WiFi service using the form provided
  • Agree to have your free access information shared on the Regional Roadmap to Connectivity program materials
  • Communicate with your staff about your participation in the Roadmap project
  • Provide feedback via program survey once annually, on how the program is working so that adjustments can be made as needed

Regional Roadmap to Connectivity Sign-Up Form >|

For questions or support completing the form, please contact