OneFuture’s goal is that Coachella Valley students will:

  • have a clear economic and academic path to and through college;
  • successfully complete post-secondary degrees, credentials or certificates;
  • land a job with a promising financial path, and
  • contribute to a thriving economy.


OneFuture scholars finish college with 15% less in student loan debt than the average graduate.


In the Coachella Valley, adults with a bachelor’s degree earn an annual average of $30,000 more than those with only a high school diploma.


Students have been awarded scholarships thanks to donations from people like you.


OneFuture has provided 214 undergraduates with a full-time, paid internship in the healthcare field.

Join our community-wide effort to support our 4 areas of focus

Career Pathways and Academies


Leadership Engagement


Scholarships and Financial Aid


Experiential Learning


Partners & Sponsors

Altura Credit Union
Larry and Helen Hoag Foundation

• Cathy Muldoon and Barbara Lund •

• Pete Del Rio •

• Steve Weiss and Mary Caldwell, CW Fund •