Your Future Workforce

Through the local K-12 school districts academies and career pathways programs, OneFuture and the districts ensure that students are prepared upon high school graduation with a clear economic and academic path to and through college. Likewise, while in college, OneFuture provides student support services, workshops, financial aid counseling and scholarships, so they persist through college and graduate with post-secondary degrees, credential or certificates.

The OneFuture Coachella Valley Business Engagement Alignment Team consists of business owners and leaders who together, work with our community’s educational systems to provide internships and employment opportunities for college grads. This work helps shape the future workforce, encourage local students to return to the valley and land a job with a promising financial path, while contributing to a thriving economy.

Work-Based Learning

Early work-based learning experiences like hearing a Classroom Speaker and taking a Career Exploration site tour help students discover the wide range of local jobs and careers across our region. Deeper and more interactive experiences like Job Shadowing and Internships, directly connect high school and college students to the employers who might ultimately hire them after graduation, and allow students to develop and practice Essential Skills that Coachella Valley employers have prioritized as critical for future success.

Essential Skills for Success

As a result of both school-based and work-based learning experiences, the OneFuture CV Business Engagement Alignment Team agrees that students should master the following Essential Skills over their four years in high school, and be able to use them effectively in college and career.

Communication: The student...

Comprehends verbal, written, and visual information and instruction; listens effectively; observes and recognizes theirs and others’ non-verbal communication; articulates and presents ideas and information clearly and effectively both verbally and in written form; and uses technology appropriately for communication.

Creativity, Initiative and Innovation: The student…

Demonstrates originality and inventiveness in work; communicates new ideas to others; uses technology; and integrates knowledge across different disciplines. Takes initiative and is able to work independently as needed; looks for the means to solve problems; actively seeks out new knowledge and skills especially about related career options and post-secondary training.

Emotional Intelligence: The student…

Is able to recognize when emotional needs are affecting professional interactions or completion of tasks. Manages time effectively, scheduling meetings and project timelines to reduce overscheduling; demonstrates ability to regulate emotions and embraces a growth mindset; gathers information necessary to learn from his/her/their experiences; is able to recognize the needs of others and problem solve within the context of those needs. Able to reframe conflict to achieve win/win resolutions and bring tasks and projects to completion while maintaining his/her/their and the team’s well-being.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: The student …

Demonstrates the following critical-thinking and problem-solving skills: exercises sound reasoning and analytical thinking; uses quantitative reasoning, makes judgments, and explains perspectives based on evidence and previous findings; uses technology to find and process information; uses knowledge, facts, and data to solve problems and applies system-thinking.

Collaboration and Teamwork: The student…

Builds effective collaborative working relationships with colleagues and customers. Is able to work with diverse teams, contributing appropriately to the team effort; negotiates and manages conflict; learns from and works collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, ethnicities, ages, genders, religions, lifestyles and viewpoints; and uses technology to support collaboration.

Workplace Context and Culture: The student…

Understands the workplace’s culture, etiquette, and practices; demonstrates professionalism; is punctual; takes responsibility; demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior; acts responsibly with others in mind; knows how to navigate the organization; understands how to build, utilize and maintain a professional network of relationships and understands the role such a network plays in personal and professional success; understands health and safety risks in the workplace; uses technology related to the industry and understands the role of employers and employees in communicating about risks, reducing risks, and creating a safe work environment.

Coachella Valley students are our future. We are aligning regional efforts to ensure all students graduate with the skills to succeed. Their success will help the local economy thrive.

– Sheila Thornton, OFCV President and CEO

I want to thank OneFuture for the opportunity to receive scholarships and student services. During these difficult times with COVID-19, my fellow classmates and I are facing extreme hardship. My family’s financial situation is no exception. Both my husband and I have been laid off from our current employers, creating increased stress for us and our two young children.

Fortunately, I will be graduating soon as a Registered Nurse that will create a successful life for my family. I appreciate OneFuture Coachella Valley whose support will allow me to contribute to our community, especially during the current health crisis and nursing shortage.

– Vivian Arriaga, Scholarship Recipient


  • Have a clear economic and academic path to and through college
  • Successfully complete post-secondary degrees, credentials or certificates
  • Land a job with a promising financial path
  • Contribute to a thriving economy